1. Joy, thanks for your description and photos of the workshop! You mentioned to me that you were excited about doing this, and having used encaustics in my work many years ago, I was curious about how it would be taught. Sounds like a lot of fun, and the studio looks beautiful.

    I wish you could have seen my studio set-up for working with encaustics back then — a kitchen hot plate, bars of beeswax, powdered pigments, and a makeshift box to mix in — you know, so I wouldn’t get cancer from breathing the pigment particles! I don’t think pre-made pigmented waxes were widely available back then — at least I didn’t know about them at the time.

    I’d love to see what you made at the workshops!

    • Thanks, Maryann! The less expensive version of the supply list to start your own studio includes a kitchen hotplate of sorts.

      I’m not a visual artist by trade–I’m just an enthusiastic perpetual neophyte–so my stuff isn’t that…refined or beautiful! But I was thinking of taking photos of portions of some of the stuff I was experimenting with to show more off. Trying to hit that “publish” button a little more often!

  2. Joy, how I wish I could make it to go to one of these things with you —- maybe someday! Thanks for posting. May have to do a little research up here and see if anyone in my area does this stuff. Sounds so interesting.. BTW, hope you’ll post pics of what you made!

    • Thanks, Laura! Encaustics has definitely made a comeback, so there may very well be someone who does it up where you are.

  3. Joy, I’m so jealous! I’ve always wanted to learn encaustic art, so really like that you’ve shared this info. Just wish someone up here taught a class. Good idea to do a search, so hopefully I’ll find someone, or I’ll just have to make a trip south to take a class at this studio.

    • Hi Sharon! I’m happy to hear you found this worthwhile. I imagine you’d like the medium a lot. Some of my bootcamp classmates were from Dublin, Livermore and Mill Valley. I think they intended to set up studios, though I think they were personal studios, not teaching ones.

      And I think I someone said Daniella Woolf taught in San Francisco for R & F Paints–maybe check out for the teaching schedule.

  4. I’d never even heard of this before–this sounds so cool!! Have you finished something? Will we be seeing it? Hint, hint…

  5. Hip hooray for creative play! So glad that you’ve found a medium in which to frolic! The photos are fabulous and inspiring too.

  6. The colors and your hot plate photos are totally doing it for me. I have to get to one of these bootcamps!

    • it’s very addicting! having access to so many colors makes it hard to stay away. i’ve been meaning to set up my own studio, but it’s waaaaay too convenient for me to go there.

  7. I’m from Sri Lanka Where do I buy this wax

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